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2024-03-14 18:36

Written by Ehsan Ehsan in Thursday 2024-03-14 18:36

Praise and thank God that it was possible to hold Iran’s 25th International Congress of Microbiology in 2024 in the academic community of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. Education of knowledgeable and skilled individuals, production of science, creation of the national authority, and social welfare are the mission of universities and disease associations, therefore, considering the prevalence of infectious and emerging diseases and the resistance of pathogenic organisms including Superbugs, it is necessary to decide to prevent this terrifying problem and protect the world from a dreadful situation for the future generations. 

In order to overcome the microbes, in addition to improving the tools, efforts should be made to reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Now is the time to invest and implement solutions to prevent this terrifying global health problem. Therefore, all researchers, professors, and students in related fields are invited to actively participate and help us in this important congress, which is held in collaboration with the Iranian Society of Microbiology and Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences. So, holding such scientific congresses will contribute to the exchange of experiences among researchers. In this opportunity, we would like to express our gratitude to the Honorable President of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences Dr. Farhad Gholami, and his esteemed assistants and also Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Feizabadi, the Honorable President of the Iranian Society of Microbiology, for their emphasis on and support for organizing this scientific event.

Dr. Farhang Babamahmoudi    &       Dr. Mohammad Ahanjan

Scientific secretaries of Iran’s 25th International Congress of Microbiology

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