Congress Topics

2024-03-04 08:21

Written by Ehsan Ehsan in Monday 2024-03-04 08:21

Congress Topics:


1-    Medical microbiology, epidemiology and diagnosis

2-    Microbial resistance and infection control

3-    Veterinary microbiology/ Zoonotic diseases 

4-    New therapeutic approaches for microbial infections

5-    Oral microbiology

6-    Cancer microbiology

7-    Microbial vaccines

8-    Food and water microbiology

9-    Probiotics: application in food industry and medicine

10- Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Microbial Diagnosis

11- Microbiology in pharmaceutical industry

12- Omics findings in microbiology

13-  Applied and industrial microbiology

14-  Environmental microbiology and waste water treatment 

15-  Microbial biotechnology and nanotechnology 

16-   Microbiology standards

17-  Bioterrorism: A threat to the global health


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  • ع
    علی 2024-03-09 23:03

    سلام ببخشید اسکان هم دارین؟

    • ط
      طهورا موسوی 2024-03-16 12:07

      سلام. به زودی در سایت اطلاع رسانی میشود

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